How Are Winning Lottery Numbers Selected? Video

Lottery Draw Live

There are many avid lottery players, and up until 2002, they could see
the lottery drawing live on television. Since that stopped, some have
wondered who is responsible for drawing the winning numbers and how
it’s done. Marc Lovicott reports.

well our good question series is back tonight and as always it’s your opportunity to get answers to things you’ve always wondered about and this week we’re talking about the Wisconsin lottery News 3’s Mark lavaca joins us with the winning question this is something I’ve always wanted to know it’s really interesting what we found out a lot of folks you know people in our newsroom is well I’ve played it before they’re they’re lottery players and you might know up until 2002 you could actually see the lottery drawing live on television since that stopped have you ever wondered who is responsible for drawing those winning numbers and exactly how it’s done one viewer was wondering Keith from Madison wanted to know who pulls those winning lottery numbers and how do they do it good question oftentimes lottery players have a very specific routine when they choose their numbers at the Wisconsin lottery they’re also very specific hi I’m Laurie Minetti gone are the days of TV drawings and ball machines it now all happens inside this highly secure room and only Jessie Waller has access to it he’s a pretty important guy family don’t get they don’t get actually get to play but friends then they would say you know can you give me any numbers or something like that but that’s not gonna happen because I have no control over that everything in here is done randomly you want to blip the blue and yellow corn decide which random number generator to use you heard right a computerized random number generator is used no more ball machines in the machine itself is a little bit of an element called americium which is radioactive and it decays in a random fashion the results random numbers and I have the only key of the the computers are very secure they’re standalone and not connected to any network in the room a witness from a private accounting firm keeps everything in check and a capital police officer who actually presses the draw button everything is also recorded subtests draw numbers the winning numbers are 5 5 6 6 & 7 7 the numbers come up instantly but the process to get there is quite complex numbers used to be drawn in Milwaukee on live television but again that stopped in 2002 because of some budget reasons and the drawings are now here in Madison and that’s how the random number generators came to be since the ball machines were no longer needed for visual reasons and since they were very expensive to buy and maintain the lottery says the computerized system was much cheaper and much more reliable I don’t know though the ball machines seem to be more accountable as you can see yeah you know what I mean it they assure us that this is very very random but the ball machines are more fun more fun you’re very interesting thanks mark.


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