Florida Lottery “Fantasy Five” Live Drawing 10-17-89 Video

Lottery Draw Live

Draw by Pam Helton, Supervised by John Fraser & Gwen Parmley. Names SP? Loaded by Special Request of Julius121081.

for the lottery fantasy 5 drawing for October 17th 1989 supervised by John Frazier with lottery security in Gwen Parmley of peat Marwick but tonight’s randomly selected fantasy 5 machine here’s Pam Helton the drawing starts by mixing balls 1 through 39 in the machine fantasy 5 is won by matching three four or five numbers drawn tonight in any order on your fantasy 5 ticket now here are tonight’s winning fantasy 5 numbers the first number is 13 the second number is 17 the third number is 23 the fourth number is 29 and the fit number is 2 so tonight’s fantasy 5 numbers 13 17 23 29 and to join us Tuesdays and Fridays for fantasy 5 and Saturday for lotto with an estimated grand prize of 12 million dollars to a single winner.


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