Channel Nine/Lotto Live: Tuesday Night Lotto Draw (October 1997) Video

Lottery Draw Live

With Alex Wileman.

welcome to to tonight’s lotto with that looks wild good evening everyone I hope you had a great long weekend with me our friends from the New South Wales lotteries and Department of gaming in racing we have Martin Terry and Terry hill start the ball rolling for us tonight and we are playing for a total prize pool of two million and fifty three thousand one hundred and eighty nine dollars our first division prize tonight $1,000,000 and we’re also playing for an estimated Lajo strike first division prize of one hundred and eighty thousand dollars our first of all is number fourteen lotto seventeen million dollar anniversary week is now less than four weeks away as entries are on sale already a lot of players are buying an extra entry each week to improve their chances of winning our second ball number twenty three you may like to know that there are a number of ways you can enter this big event and asking for an auto people forming syndicates are some ways but purchasing your own systems entry is another way that your view you’ll get more chances of winning all of that cash our third ball number 22 did you know for example that assistance eight lotto entry is equivalent to twenty eight games of lava which gives you twenty eight chances of winning the big one and not only that you can also win more prizes with a system our fourth fourth number thirteen so the winning lotto strike numbers 14:23 22 and 13 so congratulations to our strike winners and our fifth lotto ball number eleven winning more prizes on a 15 venturi means more money in your pocket for example by taking the system’s eight entry and matching three numbers in one step from entry you’d pick up six division five prizes are six for number number 38 we’re playing a systems entry also means you get paid more for matching both supplementary numbers in a winning combination so if you were to match the second supplementary number you’d pick up not six but nine Division five prizes are first supplementary 44 winning lotto numbers 14:23 22:13 1138 our first supplementary 44 and our second one is 29 with stay tuned for mad mad world of sport and i’ll be back at approximately 10:45 during Nightline to give you details regarding winners and prizes from tonight’s draw until then good night.


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