Behind The Ball: Behind The Scenes Of A Live New Jersey Lottery Evening Draw Video

Lottery Draw Live

A behind the scenes look at a live televised evening draw at the New Jersey Lottery Draw Studio.

welcome to behind the ball where you get to find out what goes on at the New Jersey lottery welcome to behind the ball I’m Foster Krupa the New Jersey lottery marketing director tonight we’re going to take a look at behind the scenes of what goes on at a typical New Jersey lottery drawing welcome to the clover studio this is where the lottery drawings are held twice a day and where we give your dreams a chance this whole drawing process is observed by an independent auditor who makes sure that all the procedures are followed and that the integrity of each and every drawing is upheld the setup of the drawing begins with the selection of the balls themselves for every drawing the sealed set of numbered balls is randomly chosen for use in that game the sets of balls that are selected are then used to rack each of the machines tonight we’re loading all the games pick three pick four Jersey cash five and pick six before the actual drawing we do a series of test runs to make sure all the machines are working smoothly and all the equipment is functioning properly once the machines are all set and everything’s ready for the live draw we can move over to the control room from the control room we send our live signal out for broadcast on local CBS zone stations we also stream it live on the internet through our website Facebook page and our mobile app just a few minutes before the live drawing takes place the phone calls me to confirm all wagering has stuck and any further sales have ceased for those games being drawn the four people who will alternate weekly announcing the winning numbers are longtime lottery employees finally we’ll announce the winning numbers as they’re drawn 2806 at 34 tonight’s pick six lotto jackpot is estimated to be 2.9 million dollars which numbers are zero six thirty two thirty nine twenty eight ten and twenty three and there you have it a sneak peak of behind the scenes of a daily New Jersey lottery drawing we’ll see you next time behind the ball thanks for watching good luck and give your dreams a chance look for the next edition of behind the ball from the New Jersey lottery. .

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