888Casino’s Live Casino Lottery Draw 27/09/14 Video

Lottery Draw Live

Every day you play Live Casino you get 1 ticket for the chance to win big cash prizes in Saturday nights Live Casino CASH Lottery no wagering required, cash it out or play again!

Play every day of the week and get 3 extra tickets and more chances to win BIG!
1st prize or more*
2nd prize prizes of each!
Tickets granted for each days play from Wednesday Wednesday, 23:59 GMT. The Lottery draw takes place LIVE, 8 pm GMT, at the live casino 888EXTRA blackjack table. You must be logged in to an 888 at the time of the draw to be eligible for a prize.
*If no-one wins 1st prize it will be rolled over to next week!
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We offer the tantalizing potential of what might yet be,
A thrill that comes from anticipation,
A pleasure driven by unpredictability,
Its not about the winning.
Its about the suspense in every moment!.

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