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Mila will draw the winning tickets live on air with the help of Mike but you have to be in it to win it!

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well now we live yes we are hello Miller hello buzzes hello badly hello everyone it is Sunday it’s the fifth of februari this is barley fifth now you can tell us the sticker it’s not embroidered on like oh no boss 50.com the social networking site for seniors over 50 and this is our Grand lottery draw and dad that I don’t even know that was there girl meadow this is a double a double arm illuminates lottery Troy totes a double the money assault okay no because we missed one last week yeah it’s as pronto sat ed 150,000 buzzer points better off so we’re going to draw two numbers out today not one so we’re gonna have two lucky winners twice no no I know it’s hard work they see you as you could start it perhaps the first one with one finger and then the next month another thing I said isn’t it too tired ok show this I’m sorry about last week we were here weren’t we yet to do the lottery draw the computer was here the camera was here but google hangouts or tell ourselves wasn’t losses yes you didn’t work it kept getting up in ninety nine percent hundred percent is what we want it they didn’t get that the other thing is exit about today but it hasn’t know everything kindle she’s full the tablets that we normally do the random number generator on isn’t charged it’s charging down there now it’s only at five percent so we’re going to use my phone anyway that’s the way to work the same seat there we go that’s all right it’s going to work anyway it’s going to work so for the first draw would you Miller please like to press the start button but uh I hear a 10 nine eight seven six five four three two one zero and there we are on the winning number is can you read for us please do 9 930 know how to show we’re not cheating 299 36 now due to having a rubbish memory 299 36 track that down are you the way ticket holder if you are and if you want to call us on either skype let’s quick skype dude she’s already anything which is free ah on the phone number which is not for it then you’re welcome to and even if you know your ring anyway you might no no we feel the way rolled up because you don’t know what ticket numbers you’ve got that you’re welcome to call if was that clear enough voice of life all right so that lost ticket number one now we’re going to do ticket number due to say finger same thing to look at that what an energetic finger but has got that seven six five four three two one and the winning ticket number is 305 to eat let’s try it again easy 0305 in a little while not now we’re going to see if we can find out who 3052 i can you check that yet who the winning ticket holders are because sometimes when we do that everything we run slow and everything crashes so it’s all a little bit of a waste of time so do that in a little while we’ve got a few things to talk about stiphu keeps falling off there is mine oh look it’s bright outside still it’s not gone dark it’s normally dark when we do this but it means that spring is on the way yes it is buzzer pipes lots of people started buying buzzer fights really like that because it really does help to support the site thanks for that and there’s really good and big news coming along about buzzer point first thing which would mean a lot to you foreign people the posting on the forums bites disappeared about three months ago when we tried to update their coming back in it’s slightly different guys slightly different facts but they are coming back so that’s good somebody donate message the early loves me very good here so the butter points are coming back to the forum post yes so that’ll get things going but what we haven’t had in the past is enough things people to spend their builder points on mm hmm what we’ve got particularly in tests the long to it’s going very very well it’s something called place yessir yes and what that is is it uses Google rufino street view shows you a random picture somewhere in the world and you’ve got to guess where it is you can play it using your brother points and you believin win buzzer points by playing it if you get a new high score or if you get the highest score for something else things like that will work to announce figueroa that’s great fun there’s another one oh my dad played that that was around the other day and he plugged it cuz he’s anything charlie he won but he loved it because he knows when i was around the world something that he is professor of geography hey guys so get off in RI the wine and the good thing about the place guesser is it shows you a street view but you can move around as well so if you’ve got the time you can drive along the road to see a street sign so you are on the road and see a street sign and it says for example sydney jazzed I not be somewhere in Australia mmm I didn’t worked out on other clues as well you can see other cars drive on the left hand side a road right hand side of the road is the mileage in comatose or is it in miles all sorts of things like that mountainous sunny dry landscaped great fun there’s another one that Miller hasn’t seen at all and that is card somewhere do you guys don’t have time they’re like tiny by going it off too busy working on the side do you in Russia play the game called pass what that is is you put a load of cards like playing cards one two three four five Jack Queen King ace upside down you to do over yes yes if you get to dance yes yeah well we’ve got that coming and what’s more they want me to play all the time no we want you lots of play little cuz you can use your buzzer pines no but the good thing about is as we can use buzzers pictures on the cards Oh Keith it suits have to millers to millers and you get a point to mike’s and you get 10 points yeah it’s the same points for everyone just joking there it wasn’t very funny other things coming four points as well and we’ve got a new friend system coming up that one the angkatan india is doing if you finished it on friday little italy it’s on the way it’s going to be live sometimes my yes and they would like to see it’s like and use that i’m going to russia home has control and I’m asking all side to look up their minds look after me yes I’m he’s looking after me on my own here for a while no one comesss right what we’re going to do is we’re gonna have parties here buzz headquarters we were going to just do on Saturday night so I decide to a party every night yeah seems like more fun you’ll celebrate me once spotted who’s nearly sitting on Miller’s shoulder yeah it’s pony sure would be except onium Lee good morning buzzes shows put in down here and we’ve got two guests because it is now the Chinese year of the truth de Oro star I read it off to on red roosters hell yeah one for me one for my what’s called Miller we need to diet near it oh look spic already run up there okay shall we risk um working out work sure we went risk working out who these winners are Miller huh look should we won’t see if we work out who these winners are let’s go on to hear pop that number that so the first one was 299 36 press the magic button to find out who it is devine ease and the winner of ticket number 29 936 is the one and only remove them Demelza well done Demelza and the next ticket number co2 right that run that if it’s the same person will run it again except the literature can’t win win it twice and one down yeah so we write it again 30 528 found its of that through my 28 nothing and the winner is who are nobody what can’t be right something the winners nobody I wonder if three or five to eight was never solved maybe somebody let’s do another one let’s run another one and we’ll do that live on air so there’s a three or five to right and then I’m going to run it again there it goes let’s go back on the camera here and the number is see all 56 fun I hope this don’t exist we’re coming here on evening salt if you’re here all evening and watching this and what is going on we sort of wonder what’s going on as well at times this is buzz 50 it’s the social networking site to see in his over 50 and we’ve got social networking we’ve got chat rooms we’ve got four runs we’ve got all sorts of things going on if we go free music with live music Ivan yeah sorts of stuff going on so do come join us just Google or Bing or Yahoo whatever buzz 50 and you will find us that right okay we’re gonna have to stop that and because that’s come up with nothing as well that’s just no I know but you’ve bought the tickets were made in yard let’s just try something better something with this system girl let’s have a good close to something yeah probably aww people have got those tickets lot for some reason it’s just not working just at the moment so if you’ve got ticket number then I’m 3056 month then you have just won 150,000 also florals for now phone us if you like or convicted on way or another we’ll send those buzzer points to you or where another we’re here we’re just watching because we’re just testing something so that’s about it i think what about our valentine’s day are we going to do virtual google address what about the delay do it if you don’t okay what about virtual gifts for valentine’s day like it’s up to you okie dokie let’s one is so when you will let him know okay good and i right I don’t think I think we went too high with 30 561 right okay we had to hire number we’re gonna have to draw another ticket and we’re going to end up at three double 07 3 was the latest ticket more like a full full time are you nervous awful what’s going on right here we go one last time it put the thing back arms for milliken see that we are on camera at one last time let’s find another winner and another winner is seven six five four three two mom giving these to 99 to double 2299 double 2299 TT okay there’s other two numbers haven’t sold those teams just got the numbers right forget about that completely so put that that will be there in a minute don’t worry don’t go away by all ticket armadura definitely somebody lumen and run it right okay we’ll talk about ourselves while that’s happening and then it will appear in a minute with any luck and that’s it for today if you hadn’t been watching thanks for joining us um that’s absolutely ridiculous look at the winners of that number let’s do it again one last time it was Demelza and you can’t win twice it’s a try man here we go when I said that it was Sunday the fleshly februari it was when we started it could well be Monday very soon what numbers are till 99 for to grant Hobson tonight 90 here Glover go at that okay and we’ll just run that and see what number is so Miller have a look see what number this is and the number is dual c1 e seven to nine nine oh no again every time I think you should start I’ll do it this time oh this is the last time they were we’re still on live Miller yes oh good and the wedding number is don’t read it can I look yes Suh 9846 violets have a long line 856 this type that in here and let’s hope it’s someone did front leave it alone members it’s a navy we’ve only got one member and everyone and report all the tickets let’s write that down she’s the wrong 986 it’s cari my well done Mary Mae that’s it that’s the end for today thanks for watching you’re not a member of those fifties a little bit more exciting than this we don’t just do the Lord never happened before like never it’s like sports my fault all this time off if you know if it’s not anyway you’ll fall bye for now bye see you next week see you in three weeks three weeks from elevator me just Megan pody on our own next week cross all the party guests either now. .

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