150,000 Lottery Draw Live Sunday 19Th February Video

Lottery Draw Live

Come and watch the live 150,000 Buzzer Points Lottery Draw on Sunday at 5pm with Mike (Mila is away in Russia!).

lincolnshirelass worn 150,000 last week but it could be you this week!

Simply update your ‘What I am Buzzing About’ on your own profile and you will automatically get a entry number!

Buzz50 is completely to join and use in all areas and has social networking for seniors, over 50 chat rooms, discussion forums and much more!

The Buzz50 seniors over 50s is at at rooms at Networking for seniors over 50 at at also have a to join, and match dating at which you are welcome to join if you are looking for romance, love or even more..

Oh welcome to you i’m mike from buzz 50.com the social networking site for seniors over 50 which is free to join and use in all areas we’ve got all sorts things going on but tonight here live on we have got the weekly Sunday 5 p. m. UK time buzz 50 lottery draw where you can win dollars no hands no euros no buzzer price 150,000 buzzer points are going to go to a lucky buzzer in a couple of minutes time yes I won’t be talking forever we will do the draw in just a minute normally I’d have the lovely Miller here next to me but she’s still away in Russia I did suggest that she could call in on Scott actually anybody can call it if you want to call in on skype there it is there Mike buzz 50 or mike advice 50. com doesn’t have to be about the lottery draw can just call and say hello if you like if you want to dial internationally that’s the number you can do that on skype as well as teach you know that where’s the fun there it is that is the UK type number so then go if you’re not a member come along and join us it’s not all about this we just do this once a week just for a little bit of fun should we do the lottery draw now let’s do that and get it over with so those of you that have joined just to watch the lottery draw can go if you want to soon as it’s over so here we are this is a random number generator I’ve entered in the tickets that have been bought with buzzer points this week including the ones that have been one with people doing that what am I buzzing about on their profile page which I have mended because it was broken so here we go let’s press that it goes and in 10 seconds we should get the lucky number showing up on there hopefully you’ll be able to read it four three two one there we go and the number is did you see that then 3 1983 I thing and have a look 319 83 might let me write it down in case I lose it four nine eight three now with any luck today because we’re broadcasting this a little bit different we should be able to find out the winner more easily than we normally do because normal we run this live on the site and it really slows up the site today in theory it shouldn’t do but I think it is don’t know how that happens how does it know that I’m running this anyway with any luck we will find out who the winner is in a few minutes but there are a couple of other things that I would like to talk to you about if you don’t mind waiting for a few minutes then we’ll find out who the winner was dark liar are you watching Newman dark lion that thanks to Carrie Mae she’s running a new profile completeness section for new members you might have noticed on your profile page top left hand corner it says profile completed nurse out of hundred so one hundred percent and if you’ve got over eighty percent was eighty five percent then you get entered into a drawer and you’ve win loads of buzzer points just by completing your profile page so you’ve got more than eighty percent or 85 cent economy which it is the way that this week was dark line will publicize that on the site new members welcome to all of you do get your profiles fielding because partly because you’ll get a lot more friends that way but also you’ll appear all over the site as you complete your profile if you don’t do anything you don’t appear all over the side tracked you down 12 / yv joint fun oh the server oh no it has been a nightmare over the last this was 72 hours was it 48 hours or something in between we’ve moved servers the buzz 50 service hasn’t mean anything to you then the fact that would have a lot of disruption that will mean something to you the long and short of it is that we’ve moved back to where we were because the new server was having email problems some so long story i won’t bore you with it now but sorry for all the disruption that’s the main thing have you played the place cuz again it’s amazing it based on google street view have a look at games at the top of the site you use buzzes buzzer points to play and then I pick the place guess again and also matching param that we serve the cards over get a matching pair you can do it with buzzers avatars images as well scammers had a fair few scammers this week really we really do rely on you so lets us know when we’ve got people joining the site that are immediately asking for contact off the site or asking for all sorts you know the signs and that let us know and then we can protect everybody thanks for that the dating site with all this changes has been on and offline and in all such things its back up and running again to really well loads of people join waiting loads of success stories will let you know about some of them because some people say that we can let me know we’ve got a wedding coming up this year have a couple of buses we’ve got to give them protecting the same a few weddings already and loads of people come together I think that’s about it shall we find out who the lucky buzzer is who has won 150 thousand plus points a TV show crickets on this place here and I’m lucky I know who it is it’s a long standing buzzer who helps us out a lot on the site and is great friend and its gentlelady gentlelady you will be getting let me copy that I’ve got it you will be getting a hundred and fifty thousand buzzer points soon after we finish this and oh that’s the other thing blooming rose that’s not swearing is it blowin chat rooms chat rooms the 123 faster chat rooms are failed again we cannot get them working on the new secure system so we’re back to the Flies ooh chat which is the same chap that we have on the 121 system it works really really nicely really smoothly far more people can get on it far less problems we do get one or two problems but support is absolutely amazing I suspect we’re going to be sticking in with the Flies you chat and we can to kick in to touch the old 123 flash chat it’s not supported very well anymore anyway welcome to all the new members we do can sure we give um some of the new members a mention do you think we should I’d like to but something on this broadcast has muddled up massage a little bit I can’t dude that’s it that’s it for today can graduate congratulations to gentlelady for winning 150,000 buzz points thank you all for watching thanks for joining if you’re not a member of buzzer if she do come along and join us it’s great fun we got members all around the world as you’ll see if you click maps at the top of the screen and we’re friendly all you need to be is over 50 a little bit friendly thanks for watching see you again same time next week and hopefully in the meantime on the site goodbye for that. .

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